Math Superstars


Math Superstars is a completely voluntary, critical-thinking program that gives parents and students the opportunity to work at home on fun math problems. The program is great for encouraging parent/child teamwork, practicing math skills, learning to approach problem-solving situations, and strengthening the tie between home and school.

  • Worksheets are available to download below (the full packet for the year is provided) so that parents and students can either look ahead to challenges, or revisit a worksheet they may have missed; however, please note that only past or present worksheets will be accepted in any given week (no working ahead), keeping the playing field level for all participants. 
  • Once your student returns the permission slip to participate, they will be responsible for completing a given week’s worksheet (each student has one week to work the problems and complete as many as possible). 
  • The worksheets will be sent home in Tuesday folders with instructions on how to input answers online.
  • Please keep in mind that there will be problems requiring skills that the student may have mastered. Work together, but try to have your child take the lead in developing a solution as much as possible. As well, try to have your child describe what steps he or she might take in an effort to solve the problem
  • The answers should be submitted online by the following Sunday at 5 pm using the email link that is provided in your weekly email. We recommend that students complete the online submission form so that they can further develop their computer skills.
  • The worksheets have no impact on the students’ classroom grades. To emphasize, participation in this program is completely voluntary.
  • Student will be given partial or whole credit for each problem they attempt (with attempted work shown); however, no credit will be given for missed weeks.
  • A parent volunteer will using the online grading system and provide your teacher with your child’s score. Only the student’s teacher and volunteer will know the scores—they are not shared. Scores will be emailed so that parent and student can review.

  • Students will be acknowledged for high scores (i.e. "Top 5") or milestones ("earned 50 or more total points thus far") during announcements or assemblies throughout the year, and all participating students will be entered for an end-of-year raffle toward a brand-new Kindle of their very own! 


Click on a grade level to download the worksheet packet for that grade. The full packet of worksheets for the year is provided.