Thank You for your Contributions!!!

Wish-list purchases to date:

  • Bandit the Bobcat Mascot
  • Studies Weekly (supports English, language arts, reading, science and the socials studies TEKS 2nd-5th)
  • Raz-Kids (online resource that allows students to read stories at their personal reading level, as well as advance as they progress thru the stories. K-1)
  • Mentoring Minds (Supports the TEKS and Skills for Math, Writing, and Spelling)
  • VocabularySpellingCity.Com (Helps students become better spellers by mastering word patterns)
  • IXL Learning (Enhances all Math TEKS. Gives the ability to pull problems from different grade levels providing challenge where needed. Promotes critical thinking.
  • Gaga Pit for Playground
  • Accelerate Learning (Stemscopes science learning for 3rd and 5th grades)
  • PTO Meeting Sign