PTO Mission and Goals

We all know that children learn more and have better lives when parents, school faculty, students, and the community work together.  PTO brings all these groups together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children.  The PTO provides information, and resources that strengthen these relationships.

Being a part of the PTO is an investment in your child's educational future.  By investing a little time and/or money in the PTO, every family can make their small contributions add up to a BIG difference in academic success.  Through the combined efforts of administrators, educators, families, students, volunteers, and community leaders we can have a powerful impact in the quality of education your child receives.  

Thank you to those of you have made contributions both of your valuable time and money, and to all of the volunteers who have made BCE a great place to teach and learn.

We welcome any assistance and want everyone to feel involved and appreciated. It is our goal to keep you updated on what is happening at Bee Cave Elementary and the ways we can help make these events and day to day happenings the best experience possible for the kids, teachers and parents. Please check the calendar frequently to see what is happening at Bee Cave Elementary and how you can help!

It takes a village and…

Together we can make a difference!

You can find the by-laws under which the PTO functions by clicking here.